Thursday, June 14, 2007

Silly Liberals

You all know that I avoid talking politics at nearly all cost, but I had to share this article I read in Adbusters called The American Left's Silly Victim Complex. Be warned, there's quite a bit of bad language and frank discussion of sexual things. This is easily the best description of the American (Daily Show) Left and their problems I have ever read. I laughed out loud, several times. Taibbi essentially shows how liberalism has become mediated. It's a lifestyle choice for the rich, not a political organization fighting for the rights of the poor. While there's very little that I agree with the Left on, I for one would rather see a liberal movement that is sincere about their desire to see economic justice than the ineffectual, narcissistic slug that it currently is:

"What makes the American left silly? Things that in a vacuum should be logical impossibilities are frighteningly common in lefty political scenes. The word “oppression” escaping, for any reason, the mouths of kids whose parents are paying 20 grand for them to go to private colleges. Academics in Priuses using the word “Amerika.” Ebonics, Fanetiks, and other such insane institutional manifestations of white guilt. Combat berets. Combat berets in conjunction with designer coffees. Combat berets in conjunction with designer coffees consumed at leisure in between conversational comparisons of America to Nazi Germany."

If you aren't adversely affected or offended by foul language and sexual references, go read it.


Hooser said...

I agree with your attitude toward the left, but don't you see an equal if not more significant problem with the right? Sins that are clearly sins are easy to point out and avoid. Those that are right under our noses and that we unconciously give our nod of approval to seem like they are far more dangerous. Was it ok for GWB to generic Church service post-9/11? Why is it that the bulk of our republican candidates are now pro-choice? Have we gradually given away too much? I see the alliance between the Church and conservative politics as quite unhealthy. Conservative politics is a lesser of two evils, but drowning with a 50 lb. stone tied to your leg instead of a 100lb. stone is still drowning.

noneuclidean said...

I completely agree. If this had been an article on the mediation, weakening, and commercialization of the Right, I would have posted it too. It just happened to so beautifully describe the Left that I had to post it.

I find the current political climate extremely alarming, particularly since the entire spectrum seems to be completely governed by affectation, sophistry, and mediation. The line between entertainment and politics seems nonexistent on all sides, and the decision to vote for a candidate seems to have more to do with one's image (I just got a Master's degree, I must be Liberal...) than what is morally right.

In regards to the Right, I want to vote for candidates who are believers, but I want them to be genuine believers, and I never want their faith to be used as a rhetorical method to win voters/approval.

Chestertonian Rambler said...

"I want them to be genuine believers, and I never want their faith to be used as a rhetorical method to win voters/approval."

My question is: can a genuine believer who knows what politics means be elected *without* using his faith as a rhetorical method? (Current results says "yes in a post-Bush world if he's a Republican; no if he's a Democrat.")

Which is why I sometimes want to chunk it all and start the Christian Distributist Party or something....but in reality, I think I'm as lazy as everyone else, and have as much of a desire to fit in and be liked.

Maybe there isn't a solution as long as men are leading men. I suppose it'll always be the choice of the lesser evil, it's just that now both evils are so complex that it's hard to tell left from right, except for culturally.