Wednesday, March 28, 2007

McCarthy and Oprah?

I have just finished writing 110 pages in my thesis on Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian. Yesterday I wrote 9 pages to finish it, and then revised 7 more. Today I finished revising the first chapter. I have been completely overwhelmed with this author, his critics, his works, his words, his ideas for the past two years culminating to this point where my thesis is almost complete. Then I happen to check my RSS feed for the Looking Closer Blog and see this article stating that Oprah has chosen The Road to be in her book club. And McCarthy himself, mister-I-don't-give-interviews, is going on TV to be interviewed by Oprah.

I vomited slightly in my mouth.

Just to give some perspective, this would be like JFK coming back from the dead and giving an interview to Donald Duck, a deaf, mute, Donald Duck in a coma. On TV.