Sunday, May 20, 2007

Worship Songs Update...

I've started work writing the worship album. So far I have three songs in the works.

First, I have a song that is not really meant for communal worship, but instead is more of a psalm, a personal song to God. It's about the experience of discovering or learning of someone's sin, particularly when that person does not seem to desire to turn from it, and then comparing that feeling of disappointment and sadness with my own sins. We'll see if the song manages to rise out of the bathos (emo) style that my description seems to suggest.

The second song will be a rendition of the Doxology. Maybe that will start the album. I made an arrangement of it on the guitar that I'm pleased with, I think that it better captures the intent of the lyrics better than the traditional way it is played. But we'll see how it comes out.

The third song is an attempt to express the burden, weariness, and frustration that comes with life in a fallen world, while at the same time glorifying and trusting in God's divine Will. I just finished reading the Psalms, and I found it interesting how often David felt the need to express his weariness to God. My wife remarked that in the modern Church we tend to ignore any idea of people being burdened or weary, unless the song suggests that all the burden and weariness is relieved in this life by Christ. But we see not only David, but even in the New Testament Paul talking about their burdens. So this song is an attempt at expressing this element of life without slipping into self-pity; striking the balance between acknowledging the difficulty of living for Christ in a fallen world, and not romanticizing the struggle.

The next song I'm going to start working on is a praise. I need to be careful that this project is for God's glory, and not a mere reaction against what I see as poor worship in the Church. Art that is only a reaction against other art tends to be too extreme.

As I record each of these songs I'll post them on my personal music myspace account, as opposed to SoberMinded, here: non.

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