Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mumbles Hip-Hop Reviews Points, Thoughts, and Stories

This review is a little disappointing. No one can accuse us of denying the bad reviews. Although, technically we get a 7/10, the language suggests otherwise. However, it does end on the optimistic note that they believe the next album will be better. What do you'all expect, this is our first album!

"The album consists of nice instrumentals and a mixture of west coast and alternative Hip Hop. Noneuclidean and Offbeat both provide very positive raps and their lyrical content is very poetic and they demonstrate that in each track the art of story telling and opinons."
Read the Entire Mumbles Review here.

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Sean said...

I apologize this doesn't have much to do with your post. I just found your blog and do not know how to contact you.

I wrote an article on how good enters into the world of Blood Meridian, jumping off Daugherty's gnostic reading. I'd be interested in reading your thesis.