Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New SoberMinded Album Review

Check out the following review for our album "Points, Thoughts, and Stories":

"Easily among the best independent and underground hip-hop releases of the year. It pushes intellectual and moral points while remaining relevant to people of any or every religion. I'd love to take a couple days and write a full review on it, but am way too tied up with all the music we're getting nowadays. Either way, this is a permanent fixture on my iPod, so I highly recommend checking it out whether or not you're a fan of christian rap..."
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For more info check out SoberMinded's myspace page.


Ariel said...

Sounds like I'll need to check your music out. I just stumbled on your blog, and like what I'm reading. Incidentally, I'm hoping that some of the Blood Meridian work will spill over into your blogging, since I'm a Cormac McCarthy fan.

noneuclidean said...

Thanks man. I've been so busy with grad school that I've had to neglect this blog a bit. But I'll try to make some more time. I just finished reading McCarthy's Sunset Unlimited, his new play. Very interesting from a Christian perspective. I'll try to post something on it.

Ariel said...

Yeah, please do post some more. I'll keep an eye on this blog.